Live Art Ministry is currently supporting Josh Emmanuel's Ministry in Nigeria. Please Donate to him directly 
50%  of  ​Purchased   Canvas  Art   
​will go directly to his ministry.

Sponsor  a  presentation  for  your  local  School ,  Church  or  any  other  organization 
Including   Nursing   Homes,  Summer  Camps,  Recovery   Groups,   Shelters   and  Prison Ministries. 

Donations  are  used  to  cover  materials,  supplies,  travel  cost  and  studio  time.​
Music  and  Art  have  shown  to  have  a  positive  effect  on  not  only  kids  but  all  who experience  live  Art.
Art  reduces  negative  emotions  and  improved  positive  ones  for  young  and  old  alike..
​Donations  allows  us  to  put  on  Creative  Presentations  to  encourage   and  motivate  many  at  Nursing Homes,  Prisons  and   Elementary Schools. 
Art  allows  kids  to  be  creative  in  developing  natural  gifts   or  talents.
Seeing   Creativity  Live  and  in  Motion  can  make  a  Spark  in  the  Mind  of   not  only  a  Child   but  in  Adults  and  the  Elderly.  Art   can   spark   Happiness   &  Joy  in  Everyone
Including  those  with  learning   and  developmental   disabilities.
Thank  You  for  your  interest  in  supporting  this  Ministry.. Your  support  also  cover  
The  Crown  of  Thorns  Ministry:  Making hand made crowns of thorns to support our ministry.
To  sponsor  a  Live  Speed  Painting  show  for  a  nursing  home,  a  prison  or  The  next  set  of  miniature  canvas , the  next  batch  of  Crown  of  Thorns     
please  Contact  Me  or  simply  use  Cash app $livespeedpainter--Venmo@livespeedpainter   
214-577-1214  or  email  @
Thank  you  so  much  and  God  Bless  You..