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Art 4 Sale

2020 Event Package Options Start at $2k for local and Zoom Virtual Events. (50% deposit)

Package #1- Previously created performance

from my portfolio on 6' paper canvas.

( 6' stretched canvas add $2k)

(For custom creations there is a Studio hourly fee of $150 per hr)

Live In Person Events-

Tell us about your event and how we can help in the planning.

Keep in mind that we can provide many event options depending on your event type..

(Example) For a Christian Seminar, small items can be provided that  guest can take home.

1-(crowns of thorns) set for table center piece

2- (miniature) 3"x 6" or larger painted canvas 

Live Performance Options can be: 

1-  quick 5 minute  performance to a particular song  

2-  25 minute performance to 5 different songs. 

3- 1-hr Performance of   3-5 different  paintings  to music of your choice.

​ Setup Options for live or virtual events Include: 

Background Painted Curtains, Lights, Fog Machine Sound and Music 

Available for Events such as
Opene/Close Concerts/Events
Product launch, product reveals
Charity fundraisers, auction off artwork at live event
Television Guest Appearances
C.E.O Reveals & Christmas parties
In Store Live Entertainment & Marketing performer
Half Time Sporting Events Entertainment
Music Festivals