Please call the studio to plan your Event . 214-577-1214

Art 4 Sale

2021 Event Package Options Start at $2k for local and Zoom Virtual Events. (50% deposit)

Package #1- Previously created performance

from my portfolio on 6' paper canvas.

ASK ABOUT--Live Performances on 6' Stretched Canvas

(For custom creations there is a Studio hourly fee of $150 per hr)

Live In Person Events-

Tell us about your event and how we can help in the planning.

Keep in mind that we can provide many event options depending on your event type..

Live Performance Options: 

1-  quick 5 minute  performance to a particular song  

2-  25 minute performance to 5 different songs. 

3- 1-hr Performance of   3-5 different  paintings  to music of your choice.

​ Setup Options for live or virtual events Include: 

Background Painted Curtains, Lights, Fog Machine Sound and Music 

Available for Events such as
Opene/Close   Concerts/Events
Product launch,  Product reveals
Charity fundraisers, Auction artworks at live events
Television Guest Appearances
C.E.O   Reveals  &  Christmas parties
In Store Live Entertainment & Marketing performance
Half Time  Sporting  Events  Entertainment
Music  Festivals