Gabino  Martinez


  ​Welcome to the world of live art entertainment.

Fast, vibrant and choreographed to music, is the unique performance viewers will experience when they watch Gabino Martinez perform his highly entertaining live speed painting. We offer programs for fundraisers, non-profits, ceremonies, conventions, corporate events and private parties. As the only Live Speed Painter in the world who performs live art on a spinning canvas as large as 10’ your event will be the talk of the town..From the intensive dedication of time and focus in the development process to the countless hours spent practicing and delivering each live performance, this self taught artist brings an explosive experience to a live show with music that brings a large blank canvas to life and becomes a beautiful piece of art. “There’s no time to think” Gabino says. “You only have the length of a song or two to complete a painting. “I have to trust my instinct and energy to create something that relates to a specific subject matter”. He loves the type of pressure his performance puts on him and he enjoys sharing his imagination and talent with others as he performs. His creative gift allows him to create art specific for any event including corporate events, birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, fundraisers, charities, and many other events. Gabino was born in 1969 and currently resides in Forney tx.. As a handyman turned professional artist, Gabino designed and created a proprietary and patent pending stand-canvas that no other speed painter in the world has. It allows him to paint on super sized spining canvases up to 10’. His passion and desire is not only to create but also perform paintings that will inspire and encourage your guests to donate and give generously to your organizations cause.
“Everything starts with creating the possibilities that your talent can produce"


I have always been one to do things a little different than others.

Over the course of many years I have built upon and developed a philosophy and mindset to let go of having such a structured process throughout life.

This freedom allows me to follow different paths and create opportunities to explore and discover other ways of living and producing results.

Having that sense of satisfaction.

I feel blessed to be able to do this kind of art with a free and non-restricted creative process.

I don’t try to subscribe to any particular genre of art and I believe there are many ways to be creative in an independent way.
as an artist, I feel that art should have no rules!

with that, I have gained a sense of tremendous enjoyment, fulfillment and gratification in ways I didn’t realize was possible.