Fast, vibrant and choreographed to music.

That is the unique performance viewers will experience when they watch Gabino Martinez

perform his highly entertaining live speed painting.

This self taught artist brings an explosive experience to a live show with a performance consisting of paintings

on a spinning canvas to a variety music. In a matter of minutes a large blank canvas becomes a beautiful piece of art that derived from his imagination and from the energy of the music.

“There’s no time to think” Gabino says. “You only have the length of a song or two to complete a painting,

and I have to trust my instinct and energy to create something that relates to a specific subject matter”.

He loves the type of pressure his performance puts on him

and he enjoys sharing his imagination and talent with others as he performs.
His creative gift allows him to create art specific for events and birthday parties,

anniversaries, weddings and many other events.

Gabino is available for custom created art commissions of any type,

from portraits on canvas of pets, people, weddings,

sports and any other type of creative art requested.

Gabino's work ethic gives him a no limits attitude to the creative possibility of any project he works on..

Gabino has gained a great deal of local television exposure in the dallas area.

He was interviewed on The World Poker Tour in 2014 and his art was shown on an ESPN episode

of The World Series of Poker in 2015. He was also invited to perform on Good Morning Texas in 2016.

Some of his special event bookings in 2017 include the Dallas Party Fest and Grand opening art events in Frisco tx . 

His artwork has also made it’s way into the hands of  ZZ Top, Tom Hicks, Lamar Hunt, Donnie Nelson and Metallica

As a professional artist, he has the passion and desire not only to create but perform paintings that will inspire

and encourage others to be creative in everything they do.
“Everything starts with creating the possibilities that your talent can produce".


Gabino  Martinez


I have always been one to do things a little different than others.

Over the course of many years I have built upon and developed a philosophy and mindset to let go of having such a structured process throughout life.

This freedom allows me to follow different paths and create opportunities to explore and discover other ways of living and producing results.

Having that sense of satisfaction.

I feel blessed to be able to do this kind of art with a free and non-restricted creative process.

I don’t try to subscribe to any particular genre of art and I believe there are many ways to be creative in an independent way.
as an artist, i feel the need to Inspire others to be creative,

I have gained a sense of tremendous enjoyment, fulfillment and gratification in ways I didn’t realize was possible and I want others to experience the felicity I have enjoyed.     


​​Creative Live artist